Understanding DeFi terminology

It’s a new world out there. Here is some common terminology to help you understand the DeFi space: DeFi Decentralised Finance. An umbrella term used to describe financial apps in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space aimed at disrupting traditional finance. Digital asset Any asset that is stored digitally. All cryptocurrencies are considered digital assets. Blockchain […]

Launching tiiik for wholesale investors

It’s been a busy year behind the scenes at tiiik. We’ve been working hard to simplify access to a new financial system – and today we are thrilled to announce the first regulatory milestone has been reached. We are now a CAR (Corporate Authorised Representative) of an AFSL holder (Australian Financial Services Licence). What does […]

Payments and banking in Australia (part 1)

Trade and payments have been flourishing in Australia long before the establishment of the first “bank”. Evidence suggests Indigenous populations were trading with Indonesian neighbours prior to European settlement1. There was even 900 year old coins from Africa discovered on NT beaches during WW22. Fast forward to 1788 and Britain is looking for a fresh […]

Introducing tiiik

tiiik is a digital wallet designed for the modern day. Save, spend and earn on the same balance. We offer returns that banks simply can’t compete with^. It’s not their fault though. They’re operating on financial infrastructure dating back to the first bank in Australia. It’s about time for a shake-up. Our mission is to […]

How we use digital assets

The last 10 years have seen huge shifts in finance. Digital assets have outperformed nearly all other asset classes^. Even traditional financial institutions started integrating them, which means they’re officially mainstream. The transition hasn’t been exactly smooth though. Digital assets were first ignored, then written off as a fad. Nowadays, most financial experts recognise their […]

tiiik isn’t a bank (and why we’ll never be one)

Over the past few years you’ve probably seen numerous headlines about misbehaving banks. If it seems like it keeps happening time and time again, you’re right. Banks are built on foundations ill-suited to the modern world. In order to survive they need to profit at the expense of their customers. It’s not that they don’t […]

Risks of DeFi savings products

If you’ve made it this far you’re probably wondering about the risks of DeFi savings products. We’ll need to use some technical terms to explain, so we recommended checking out how we use digital assets for background information. While they have certain risks.. digital assets have enabled independence from an outdated financial system. Everyday people […]

Exploring DeFi (Decentralised Finance)

What is DeFi? An umbrella term used to describe financial apps in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space aimed at disrupting traditional finance. The origins of DeFi Take a step back to 2008, millions of people around the world are dealing with the catastrophic effects of the global financial crisis. At the same time a revolutionary […]